Moong Dal

Moong Dall is a classic Mohanlal Namkeen snack that is equal parts tangy and spicy. These tangy, crunchy lentils are flavored with a blast of spices and add texture to every meal. This snack is exactly what you need after a long day!



Green Gram splits (84%), Edible, Vegetable Oil (Palmolein), Iodized Salt (0.6%), Black salt.

Proprietary Food

Category 15: Ready-to-eat Savouries

Sub Category151: Snacks and Savouries-Pulses Based

Nutritional Information*Per 100g

Energy                                   456 Kcal

Protein                                  20.5 g

Carbohydrates                     57.4 g

 Of which sugar                  0.4 g

Fat                                          16.1 g

*These are approximate Values.

Total Trans Fat content not more than 0.2 percent by weight.

Total Saturated Fat content not more than 7.0 percent by weight.


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